Sicily | Baia Santa Margherita

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If you like finding locations off the beaten track and exploring the wilderness, then this is the place for you. With broad landscapes and rugged cliffs and terrain, this is an explorer’s paradise. Combined with crystal clear waters and stretching sands this will take you to another world, awe-inspiring and one of our favourite places to relax.

When we stumbled across this place, we were indeed lost. But like the majority of times this happens, you really do make some amazing discoveries. Sicily has a wide selection of Nature Reserves that will impress and this one is on the top of our list. Avoid the hectic tourist season if you prefer a more isolated feeling and you’ll be free to delve into your surroundings by foot or by car, with no-one to bother you. Summer seasons sees the reserve road closed and you must use the car park allocated.

Our first discovery of this area was the end of May. It was beautiful and quiet, we were immersed in the rocky mountains, soft sands and blue stretching ocean…just us and nature. This place will keep you enchanted in all seasons though, so if your around in the summer months don’t miss out on this amazing spot, just remember to bring footwear for all types of terrain. You stray from the sands, you will find stretches of rocky enclaves that are great for more secluded swimming. A lot of the plants here have thorns so protect your feet!

For mountain climbing enthusiasts, you can climb Monte Cofano, which we will most certainly go back and do. We left it too late into the summer months to try this, where the heat and humidity becomes a chore for more extreme hiking. We will have to keep this one for a new adventure on our list.

All in all, this Reserve has everything you could wish for if you love the great outdoors, and more. It’ll keep you coming back time and time again. This is what exploring nature is all about.

Please join us on our next blog!

Marco & Tracy

Monte Cofano
Rugged mountains surround the Reserve
Soft sands and crystal clear waters
Rocky enclaves perfect for snorkelling
Thorny plants around the hiking paths
Top tips for this location:

You need to bring plenty food and water, there’s a village close by (Castelluzzo) and remember to bring a cool bag.

Top up on petrol before you go. Garages can pose a problem in Sicily and never use your card. Always pay in cash.

Make sure you have enough charge for all your devices and good navigation apps. You don’t want to get lost all night on the motorway.

Bring insect repellant (Autan), as mosquitos love the water. As soon as the sun starts going down they come out to feast.

Remember an umbrella and different types of footwear for the different terrains. The sand and sun are hot! You’ll need to protect your feet if you want to hike or swim near the rocks.

Map Location:

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